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  2. Click on a lot on the map for details

About helps you explore vacant City-owned lots in Chicago. It was built by DataMade and is based on, an app we built in partnership with Teamwork Englewood and LISC Chicago.

Our map was built using open data from Chicago and Cook County:

We prepared some extracts of the above sources for this project. You can download those here:

  • Complete listing of lots displayed in the map (CSV)
  • Geospatial definitions of the lots displayed above (GeoJSON)

All the code for this site is open source and available on Github. We used the following open source tools:

  • QGIS - graphic information system (GIS) desktop application
  • PostGIS - geospatial database
  • Bootstrap - Responsive HTML, CSS and Javascript framework
  • Leaflet - javascript library interactive maps
  • CartoDB - platform for rendering interactive map tiles
  • jQuery Address - javascript library creating RESTful URLs